You are probably contemplating guides concerning your hypothetical society out-of Mu otherwise Lemuria, from the Col

Truly, I do believe the code from Sumerian try elderly plus traditional compared to words from Hungarian or Turkish

James Churchward. We comprehend those individuals books also whenever i is actually a young child. Definitely, there isn’t any invest real human history getting particularly a good culture. The only real recent development that could perhaps keep the disappearance out-of such as for example a society could be the discovery of your own caldera volcano out-of Toba which exploded around 70,100 B.C.

>Thanks very much having reacting me. Better, parallels my novel >begins in the 1st an element of the summerian society, I am talking about prior to >Sargon We in addition to most other ones. > >We explore numerous points regarding faith. We already know which they >don’t trust a lives just after passing, otherwise comprehensive that ”life” is actually >very black whenever dry. I wish to understand the label of your ancient gods, and you can >specific elements regarding their believings in the way is assume are the life span >once dying. > >Along with whether or not it it is possible to to understand several things in regards to the very first important urban centers into the >summerian civilization, exactly how have been assume is the new property, the palaces, the fresh new >Restaurants, or Any home-based element, I am Very very pleassed.

I’m sorry. I am always answering more particular questions than this. I cannot get the job done of teaching you.

I would recommend which you buy and read a beneficial 1998 novel, Amongst the Rivers, from the Harry Turtledove. That it publisher currently performed the backdrop lookup which you determine and it fills his publication.

> Hi: You will find tested the Proto-Sumerian Words Advancement Techniques >web-website again to see what issues create are material terms and conditions. The brand new >earliest keyword from the record is gaba ’breast’ (ga ’milk’ + ba ’to give’). It is >maybe not my purpose to help you argument the newest phonetic function and its meaning once the >’milk’ is semantically about ladies’ breast and ga + ba appears >getting a persuasive consolidation at first sight. Nonetheless it isn’t really therefore clear if the >that investigates the new cuneiform signs of ga, ba and you can gaba. Neither ga or ba can be >end up being understood in the cuneiform sign of gaba and that generally seems to become yet another >private indication alone.

This new spoken terminology was indeed created long before the latest written signs. The people of your created cues got discovered the verbal terms while the unbroken phonemic sequences which have been don’t examined to your section.

> If so whole milk would have nothing to >create toward appellation, it simply created a portion of the muscles we label >’chest’. This would be affirmed by Hungarian kebel ’chest’ and you can old >Turkish gogoz ’chest’. For each o on Turkish keyword is actually designated that have dieresis. >A potential preferred source for the brand new sources gab, keb and you may gog is almost certainly not as well >hard to find. The newest Sumerian gab can be obtained throughout the Hungarian men >forenames Gabi and you can Gabor, in addition to throughout the surname Kabos (old mode Kaba), which >denote barrel-chested somebody. Hence the -good regarding the Sumerian gaba may be >a good suffix one to forms adjectives. (Both -a great and -operating-system are adjectival suffixes when you look at the >the fresh new Hungarian vocabulary).

Have there been typical voice-alter laws one link Hungarian ’kebel’ having Turkish ’gogoz’? For the base of the Hungarian terms, note the underlying ’kopa II’ definition ’lungs’ from inside the Gyula Decsy’s book The new Uralic Protolanguage: An extensive Reconstruction, Eurolingua, Bloomington, 1990.

The suffix -a kinds nouns otherwise participial sentences during the Sumerian, so applying your own reason, the fresh breast otherwise breasts may be the question you to definitely gabs, regardless if Sumerian has no such verb, that have hab, ’to stink’, and you will gub, ’to stand’.

Turkish belongs to the Altaic code loved ones

This should mean that certain Hungarian vocabulary possess developed out-of an early on particular Sumerian. Studies of the pricing out-of lexical alter discovered that the code away from farming countries is particularly traditional and you can resistant to changes.