Mike and you may Alice altered the agreements to your evening

transform (AWL ter) vt. 1. to cause to improve in detail although not in the compound; modify; 2. for taking elements of a scarf and resew him or her to possess an excellent most readily useful match; 3. to help you neuter (an animal) -vi. to alter; become other • • • •

Ralph is roofed one of the followers of chairman

The latest modify needed to change the dress to really make it complement Jan finest. Improve your dogs to keep down an enthusiastic overpopulation out of strays. The brand new Fab Five changed Al’s form of skirt and his awesome lifestyle. [-ed, -ing, alteration letter.] [Syn. changes, vary]

regardless if (awl THOH) conj. while; granting you to; regardless of if • Mike seated down seriously to dining, even when he’d ingested lower than half-hour in advance of. • Whether or not Mary stated not to ever care for opera, she must accept that the tunes regarding Il Trovatore is actually exceptional. altruism (AL troo i zm) letter. unselfish question getting others’ better-are • It needed to be altruism and local hookup app Baltimore courage one triggered Maria to operate towards burning home to help save the new sobbing boy. • It’s strange observe an incident off pure altruism, in which there is no notion of personal gain. [altruist n.] [Syn. selflessness]

ambiguous* (am Huge yoo uhs) adj. step 1. with more than one you’ll definition; dos. unclear; vague; indefinite • The third ft coach’s ambiguous signals left the new batter being unsure of whether to move aside otherwise bunt. • Roxane are unknown in her tips for eating the pet when you find yourself she try away. [-ly adv., -ness, ambiguity n., ambiguities pl.] [Syn. obscure]

ambivalence (am BIV uh contact) n. having conflicting attitude about men or thing in one big date, such as love and you may hate • Karen had a bona fide ambivalence about being invited so you’re able to Sibling Bob’s cabin; she adored checking out but hated the four-hour excursion. • David showed ambivalence about providing artichokes as, while they’re delicious, they’re a soreness to set up.

amenity (uh Boys i tee) n. step one. enjoyable high quality; attractiveness; dos. a nice otherwise preferred function; a thing that contributes to one’s morale -pl. the brand new polite manners and you will lovely acts out of polite societal conclusion • The latest warm surroundings is only one amenity out-of Hawaii. • Hawaii’s weather is an additional amenity of the put. • The new restaurant’s machine and hostesses showed all the amenities one would anticipate during the people prices. [services pl.]

Quick Opinion #5 Fulfill the term of line 2 towards the term from column 1 it means really nearly exactly the same thing. 1. arrangement

In the middle of; enclosed by; used in a team of; dos

friendly (Am i kuh bl) adj. effect amicable; showing goodwill; peaceable • Alice and her spouse Ted got an amicable conversation from the placing within the a rose yard regarding the spring season. • Bob and you may Carol icability letter.]

certainly (uh MUHNG) prep. step 1. from destination to input; 3. on the count or set of; cuatro. by or with lots of • • • •

amorphous (uh MAWR fuhs) adj. step one. without specified setting; shapeless; 2. off zero particular sort of; anomolous; step three. indefinite; vague • Sulfur are a reddish, nonmetallic element that’s included in crystal and you may amorphous variations. • To 1 unfamiliar with the game out of rugby, the overall game appears to be influenced from the amorphous legislation. • When Gino made an effort to pin Hailee right down to a certain date, most of the he could score from the lady was a keen amorphous reaction. [amorphously adv.]

amphibian (have always been FIB ee durante) letter. step one. some of a class regarding cold-blooded vertebrates rather than bills (in addition to frogs, newts, salamanders, and toads) that begins lifetime which have gills, residing in water, and soon after develops lungs; dos. people plant or creature which is in the home both on homes along with water; 3. any routes or vehicles that may run using homes and in water • This is not unusual to locate amphibians around an excellent pool. • Early Pan-american Air way Clippers had been amphibians that loaded and you may unloaded the travelers to the property however, became popular of and you can got toward liquids. [amphibious adj.]